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USM Essentials of Solid State Physics

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USM Essentials of Solid State Physics
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Product SKU: 978-983-861-402-3

Product: USM Essentials of Solid State Physics
Tajuk : Essentials of Solid State Physics
Penyunting: Sohail A.. Khan
Penerbit : Penerbit USM
ISBN : 978-983-861-402-3
Tahun Terbit : 2009
Status Stok : Pre-Order

Summary :

This book is designed for a course at 300 plus level. It introduces the basic concepts in solid state physics and addresses the needs of student who find it difficult to follow a course from texts that assume a level in physics for which the student is not prepared. In some chapters, a recapitulation to the basic physics has been given at the start of the chapter for those who may need to recall. It starts with the crystal structure, reciprocal lattice and crystal diffraction. It also covers band structure, electrical, magnetic and optical properties of crystals as well as superconductivity and lattice vibrations. The author has tried to put in material all of which can be covered in two semesters. This book can also be useful for individuals involved in industry and would need an exposition of the subject.

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