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USM Hazardous Waste Management

USM Hazardous Waste Management
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Product SKU: 978-983-861-383-5

Product: USM Hazardous Waste Management

Tajuk : Hazardous Waste Management
Penyunting: Nik Norulaini Nik Ab. Rahman
Penerbit : Penerbit USM
ISBN : 978-983-861-383-5
Tahun Terbit : 2009
Status Stok : ADA

Summary: This book began by presenting definitions of hazardous wastes according to various legal sources as well as its general characterization. There is also information regarding hazardous wastes/substances and the ever growing consequences and issues on the environment, be it locally or internationally. A modicum revelation on the local authority's motion to promote cleaner production which is it present still at a premature stage, as well as underscore several reason why most industries are not keen to adopt cleaner production method have been presented. Waste accounting system that aim to keep track and reduce industrial wastes is also explained. Classifications and characteristic hazardous waste are expounded and Excerpt from specification of wastes defined by the United States Enviromental Protection Agency. Maximum concentrations allowed, effects of each class of waste and potential incompatibility of substances for the benefit of the readers are provided. This book also includes discussion on storage of hazardous wastes which subsume factors such as segregation of waste, types of containers, proper labelling, responsibilities of those involved as well as control measures. General account of what is significant in transporting hazardous wastes described has been include the information on classification of hazardous materials for shipment and packaging. Discussion on emergency and response planning encompasses the detail aspects required to set up an emergency response plan as well as factor that need to be taken into consideration. The book wraps up with topic on local regulations concerning management of hazardous wastes.

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