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AB I Can Write 1b

AB I Can Write 1b
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Product SKU: 978-967-3620-06-7

Product: AB I Can Write 1b

Tajuk : I Can Write 1b
Pengarang : Zairani A. Hamid &
Che Mazlan Saad
Penerbit : Al-Ameen Serve Holdings Sdn Bhd
ISBN : 978-967-3620-06-7
Status Stok : ADA

"I Can Read" is interesting and effective because:

  • Appropriate to the psychological development off the child.
  • Research has shown this approach of introducing basic sounds is the most effective method of teaching reading.
  • Basic reading skills are taught using simple everyday words.
  • "Sing the Sounds" VCD will guide the child and teacher on the basic sounds of English through songs and instructions.


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